Our IP and T team works regularly with clients to advise and assist them on how best to protect their intellectual property.

Trade mark services

We provide clients with the following trade mark services:
  • trade mark searches and watches
  • preparation and lodgement of Australian national trade mark applications as well as international applications 
  • management of trade mark portfolios
  • trade mark opposition proceedings
  • trade mark non-use proceedings
  • border protection work
  • M&A trade mark due diligence and advisory work
  • advice and assistance on trade mark licensing and co-existence requirements
  • trade mark disputes


We assist clients with the registration of industrial designs to protect the shape of their products and also advise on the misuse or infringement of registered designs.


We work closely with external patent attorneys to register and prosecute patent applications in order to prevent the unauthorised use of clients' inventions.

Plant breeders' rights

We advise our clients on aspects of plant breeders' rights, including lodgements.

Copyright and moral rights

We advise clients on copyright issues (including moral rights) which includes dealing with the misuse of copyright or moral rights, or defending allegations of copyright or moral rights infringement.

Confidential information and trade secrets

We advise clients on the protection of confidential information and trade secrets. We also advise on disputes related to the unauthorised use or disclosure of confidential information.