Successful management of intellectual property (IP) assets, such as trade marks, copyrights and patents, involves much more than simply securing their protection in order to attain their full value.

Ensuring the right IP strategy and approach

Our team offers a full range of commercialisation services. These skills ensure that we better understand our clients’ needs and that we can deliver innovative business solutions and creative outcomes in managing risk and leveraging commercial value.
We often act as trusted advisers to management in technology and service-based organisations where protecting and leveraging value from its physical and IP assets is a strategic necessity. We assist in making business decisions and negotiating assertively and with integrity to achieve favourable outcomes for our clients.
Our team works closely with clients to develop and implement an effective IP strategy for their needs. This includes non-registrable IP rights, such as copyright and unregistered designs, since their lack of registration often results in issues concerning even basic legal considerations of ownership, creation, jurisdiction and use.
Above all, we recognise that a “one size fits all” model for commercialisation often will not work. Instead, we focus on supporting executive management to develop bespoke plans for the strategic development of IP assets through commercialisation.
As passionate advocates for our clients able to deal with the full range of commercial related matters, our key service offerings include:
  • identification of IP and audits, and stocktakes of IP assets
  • legal and investment due diligence upon nascent business opportunities
  • development of commercialisation models to bring technology and products to market
  • strategic planning, business structuring and risk mitigation
  • management of branding and innovation
  • assisting in new venture business development
  • outsourcing and insourcing of professional technology services
  • negotiating complex commercial contracts to monetise IP assets through licensing
  • developing and negotiating funding agreements with venture and private equity
  • advising on collaboration and joint venture agreements
  • assisting with M&A and capital raisings (including prospectuses and IPOs) as well as due diligence associated with ASX listings
  • working with the board and executive management team in strengthening IP governance practices and policy formulation
  • navigating privacy, corporation and competition laws