Claims arising under property policies are often complex, requiring specialty or expert advice. Many combine multiple tricky issues such as coverage, double insurance and contribution, recoveries and subrogation, causes of loss and damage, uninsured and underinsured loss, issues relevant to insolvency and other discrete, but complex, quantum and liability issues. 

From drafting policies and advising on wordings, to defending claims and pursuing recoveries, our team's experience is extensive and, in some cases, gathered over decades. We have worked on claims relating to contract works and ISR policies (and their interaction with Project PI or other construction policies), strata claims, business interruption claims and complex property damage claims arising from fire, flooding, chemical damage and catastrophic events. 

We provide coverage advice, drawing on our knowledge of the standard wordings in the market, and are regularly sought out for our advice on ISR policy response. 

Our experience extends to the investigation, coverage advice and defence against fraudulent claims. We understand the serious and sensitive nature of alleging and investigating fraud against your own insureds and work closely with our clients to ensure that fraud investigations are conducted with appropriate levels of discretion and respect.

We also work with insurers on both complex and non-complex recoveries and subrogation actions, calling on the expertise of our expert insolvency team when of benefit. We have undertaken work in recoveries in all jurisdictions in Australia, including cross-border recoveries. We have also been involved in international recoveries and are experienced in obtaining Mareva injunctions and international freezing orders. Our experience in recoveries extends to claim file and audit review, preliminary investigations, recovery negotiations, consideration of uninsured and underinsured aspects of loss, and recovery proceedings.

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