We understand that risks to a business come in many forms, including work health and safety, corporate governance, insurance arrangements, contractual disputes, intellectual property infringements, failure to comply with statutory obligations and legal action initiated by disgruntled customers, suppliers and ex-employees.
In recognition of the multifaceted nature of business risk, our risk review and management team is made up of experts from a number of practice areas, including insurance, employment, safety, commercial and corporate law.
Our employment and safety experts provide comprehensive review and advice to our clients to ensure that as a PCBU, they have the appropriate and up-to-date safety and employment measures to manage risk through their corporate governance arrangements, and that all officers within that business have the appropriate due diligence systems in place.
Our commercial experts can help you protect your intellectual property from misuse and ensure that the contracts you form with your clients protect your position through every phase of your transactions.
Our insurance lawyers provide tailor-made and creative solutions for preventing and managing risk, including:
  • consulting on legal risk exposure
  • loss prevention education
  • triage and analysis of severity claims
  • proactive claims management
  • comprehensive audit services
  • complex case management
  • minimisation of litigation
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