We work with our clients to create user-friendly, clear commercial documents to monetise our clients' products and services. The challenge of protecting our clients' IP assets is formidable as the forces of globalisation and technology continually reshape IP law at a time when data, products and services can be created, copied and transmitted.

Your rights to your IP assets can be broadcast through the use of sensible commercial agreements and disclosures on your web pages and in your other company documents. Accurate use of intellectual property asset symbols, such as TM or ©, is helpful.

Digital rights and anti-piracy

The internet and digital technology have created a worldwide demand for current and archived audio and visual content. We act for creators and consumers of online content to allow both sides to grow their businesses. We have expertise in the most current digital rights management regimes, as well as anti-piracy regimes.

IT outsourcing and cloud computing

We work with our clients to identify appropriate technology service providers and negotiate terms which are appropriate for their business requirements. We have considerable expertise with IT outsourcing agreements and cloud-based service agreements.

Licence agreements with third parties

We can assist you to check whether your IP licence agreements with third parties are current and whether they can be renewed. We can help you to verify if you are protecting third-party IP and confidential information as required by the agreements and if you are allowed to sub-licence or distribute the third-party IP. We can advise on whether you need to obtain any amendments to match your business's current usage to the terms of the third-party licence and, most importantly, if the agreement can be assigned to a third-party in the event of sale of all or part of your business.

Where source code is a material component of your business, a confidential review of that code may identify whether third-party code is present and whether the terms of any third-party licence agreement apply. To manage risk, the business may elect to replace third-party components entirely.

Social media

Our clients and their employees and contractors are active users of social media. While platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer a low cost means to reach large numbers of customers and businesses, they carry risks of misuse, such as defamation, harassment and identity theft. We work with our clients to engage with the new platforms and to respond effectively to misuse.