Whether you agree that "data is the new oil" or not, data governance and managing cyber risks are key priorities for all organisations, irrespective of size or sector. 

While technology and online platforms for day-to-day operations provide huge benefits and competitive advantages, they also present challenges in managing and protecting data, compliance with Australian and international regulations, and guarding against cyber-attacks. 

It is therefore crucial that businesses assess their risk profile and have appropriate policies in place to manage their data and information. Our digital governance, cyber and privacy lawyers have a depth of knowledge and experience, with advisory and legal capabilities in data governance, privacy and risk management, cyber insurance, IP and IT, and enforcement and recovery

Our team assists clients to ensure their policies are tailored to their businesses and assists them to prepare business continuity, disaster recovery, and cyber security plans to mitigate the impact of security breaches and to help comply with legislation.

We work with our clients to ensure they are prepared and are adhering to the legal and regulatory requirements, and have a team on-hand to respond to an actual or threatened cyber-attack. 

In emergency situations, when a cyber threat has been identified and minutes count, our team provides legal and risk triage on the phone and assists with locating relevant technical assistance, both on a bespoke basis and as part of cyber insurer rapid repose hotline work.