The financial services sector is subject to ongoing market transformation arising from a range of factors including increasing onshore regulatory oversight, the Financial Services Royal Commission, market challenges from technology and other disruptors, and global regulatory and market convergence. 

Our experienced financial services team has a dedicated focus on business, markets, products and regulation in the financial services, capital, credit and investment sectors. 

We advise wholesale and retail financial services providers in Australia and around the world. Our clients include insurers, banks and neo banks, credit providers, payment platform providers, brokers, foreign exchange and derivatives dealers, managed investment (traditional fund and alternative models) and superannuation funds.

We have a proven track record in advising and working with financial institutions, financial services providers, intermediaries and other industry participants to understand and address the market and regulatory requirements in the financial services sector.

We offer our clients a competitive advantage by providing seamless legal services which reflect a combination of our team's corporate, commercial, regulatory, prudential and investigation skills, matched with a deep knowledge and understanding of financial markets and regulators.

Our experience includes advising on:

  • financial services regulatory and prudential framework 
  • managed investment and property funds 
  • insurance (all classes)
  • foreign financial services
  • banking, regulatory, neo banks and digital banks  
  • payment systems, payment services and card networks
  • anti-money laundering
  • privacy/GDPR/CDR
  • M&A and transactions
  • financial product innovation and distribution 
  • technology and fintech, start-ups, platforms and digital services 
  • regulatory policy, governance, compliance, licensing, enforcement and investigations
  • superannuation
  • contentious revenue 
  • intermediation and disintermediation
  • financial market regulators ASIC, APRA, Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA), ACCC, ASX and the Markets Disciplinary Tribunal



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