We are living in extraordinary times, and the situation is changing rapidly. In these turbulent times, we aim to be a source of calm, measured guidance and support for our clients and their businesses.

We have assembled a COVID-19 team from across the practice who are coming together and forming specialised teams to assist clients as they work through the potential ramifications of the COVID-19 on their businesses, their people, and their other stakeholders. We will continue to work closely with our clients to help provide pragmatic advice, sensible guidance, and insightful perspectives.

Client toolkit

We are working closely with our clients to help provide pragmatic advice, sensible guidance, and insightful perspectives on all matters they are currently deliberating about.

Latest Webinars and Podcasts

To encourage dialogue about COVID-19 and its legal and business implications, we are featuring a series of webinars and podcast interviews with our partners on various topics. 

Useful Links

Coronavirus hotline: 1800 675 398

We know there is an enormous amount of conflicting information regarding COVID-19. Some are official and reliable, some not.

Here are some of the most reliable sources of relevant, current information:

Support services for those in need:

Humans are programmed, generally, to be in control of their lives. When circumstances prevent this, and uncertainty prevails, people can feel stressed and fearful. These feelings are perfectly normal and completely understandable.

In particular, vulnerable people can feel distressed and anxious because they can't access and process information rationally and logically. They are deeply influenced by their immediate surrounds and experiences and can become overwhelmed by all the fluidity and change.

These are a number of support services that can aid and assist people in need at this time: