Graduate, 2018 | Solicitor, 2019Olivia-Boyages_WEB-BW-(1).jpg

I joined the Colin Biggers & Paisley Graduate Program a year ago. In March, I will begin my permanent position as a Solicitor in the Insurance team. 

The nature of the work is a big part of what I enjoy about Colin Biggers & Paisley, but the teams and the people are what I appreciate the most. I have enjoyed working collaboratively across all my rotations, with approachable, encouraging and supportive managers and leaders. The work has been challenging and interesting, and I have been afforded the opportunity to work closely with several teams and learn from their wealth of experience.  

In my view, Colin Biggers & Paisley's workplace culture is what sets it apart from other law practices. Instead of a culture of presenteeism, excessive hours or unmanageable workloads, there is a culture of balance and strong leadership. There is no expectation that your work is all consuming, leaving time and space for a life beyond the office. Particularly as a graduate, I have appreciated the level of support, supervision and training from managers and leaders. 

As a young graduate at the outset of my career, the variety and opportunity of the graduate program was invaluable. The program allowed me to rotate through various teams, try my hand at a range of different areas of law and ultimately decide which was for me. The program gave me the opportunity to work with different teams, building my adaptability and teamwork skills. But, what was most important for me in this formative time beyond university, was the role models I found along the way. As a young graduate, I found myself searching for someone to emulate. As I tried to envisage a career for myself in the law, I drew inspiration from the incredible women at all levels who I was able to work with during my graduate rotations. These women served as examples to me and have shaped my career, my vision and my enthusiasm immeasurably.

One of the things I love about Colin Biggers & Paisley is our Foundation and I enjoy being involved in its initiatives. I volunteer for the Marrickville Legal Centre Youth Advice Line, and assist with several pro bono Women's Legal Service matters, both of which allow me to provide valuable legal assistance to women and young people in need. I am also involved in several pro bono matters through the Arts Law Centre providing legal advice and support to Indigenous artists. The highlight of 2018 was my involvement in the Artists in the Black Challenge, a trek covering more than 50 km through the Northern Territory and raising $40,000 for the Arts Law Centre. This was truly an incredible opportunity to learn about Aboriginal culture, land and communities.