Daniel KimI am proud to be part of a leading property and development team at Colin Biggers & Paisley. I joined Colin Biggers & Paisley in 2017 as a solicitor and became senior associate in 2019. 

I relish in the type and complexity of property work our clients seek our assistance on. I am able to work with our clients on complex property acquisition, sale and development work involving large vacant land subdivisions and mixed residential and commercial use developments. I also work closely with owners of shopping centres and commercial buildings on their suite of leasing work and also with major retail brands on their tenancies. It is immensely rewarding to be part of a team that delivers results for our clients.

It is also great to be part of a leading innovator in property law especially as the move towards electronic conveyancing becomes mandatory. One highlight of my time here has been attending the successful launch for a major property developer where we exchanged over 200 electronic contracts using our online platform CBP Exchange. It was exciting to see how the platform made it easy for everyone involved, resulting in greater accuracy, faster processing time and less cost.

In addition to the work, I am very positive about the people in the practice. I am grateful to have highly respected mentors and be able to draw on their extensive knowledge and experience in property law. My colleagues are diligent and professional. Our secretaries and administrative teams give us tremendous support.

Even though the property practice is extremely busy, the culture here allows me to have control of how I work. I therefore can enjoy my time outside of work which, for me, involves spending time with family and friends and staying active in sports. For instance, I have had little trouble in committing to competitive basketball twice a week despite the busy practice.