Colin Biggers & Paisley has a century-long history of genuine expertise in transactions, projects, governance and dispute resolution. We’re particularly known for our insurance, property and construction experience, and have an established reputation in a range of other sectors.

Our purpose is to work collectively to build and secure the future of our clients, colleagues and community.

For our clients, that means we’re invested and we’re loyal. To do our best by them, we invest in people with the right combination of legal, business, interpersonal and critical thinking skills, as well as in the right technology to enable them. When it is needed, our close-knit, expertise-based teams collaborate effectively to identify and solve complex issues. 

For each other, that means we value our collegiality, we respect and support one another, and we celebrate diverse contributions.

For our communities, that means we take a socially minded approach to provide active support and service where they are needed most. Our determination to be a responsible business led us to establish the Colin Biggers & Paisley Foundation in 2015. The Colin Biggers & Paisley Foundation comprises pro bono legal services, community partnerships including volunteering, charitable contributions and responsible business practices. We focus our efforts in promoting and protecting the rights of women, children and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 


Established in 1900, we have evolved from a boutique firm in Sydney to a national legal practice with international reach. In 2012, Colin Biggers & Paisley merged with Melbourne-based insurance firm Monahan + Rowell, in 2013, merged with Brisbane-based firm Hemming + Hart, and in 2021, merged with Melbourne-based firm Logie-Smith Lanyon. Through these mergers and a vision for growth, Colin Biggers & Paisley has expanded to a national legal practice with over 500 employees and offices on the east coast of Australia.


We can assist our clients wherever they do business in the world through our founding memberships in ADVOC and Global Access.
ADVOC is an international network of leading law firms that have a wide experience of commercial work within their region. Colin Biggers & Paisley refers clients in Australia seeking global legal support, to law firms in the ADVOC network. 
Global Access is a connected global offering providing insurer clients easy access to recognised insurance law specialists across the globe. Colin Biggers & Paisley is a foundation member of Global Access, alongside RPC in the UK and Asia, Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP in the USA, Miller Thomson LLP in Canada, Kennedy Van Der Laan in the Netherlands and HMN & Partners in France.  


We're proud of our history dating back to 1900 when Colin Biggers & Paisley was established. Since then, a lot has changed. From the invention and advancement of technology to the very law itself, Colin Biggers & Paisley has continued to remain focused on the foundation it was built: excellence in legal advice, service, systems and outcomes.